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"Simply stated, Lauren is the best vegan, whole foods chef I have experienced - ever.

Lauren is one of a small handful people on the planet who can intuitively align her food selection, preparation and presentation directly in essence with the core needs of her client. In her time with me, she repeatedly exhibited not only the correct raw ingredients, right-on cooking styles and flawless preparation, but as importantly, she infused powerful, healing and vitalizing energy into the food - without a speck of negative personal influence."

~ Timothy Collins, President, Wild Earth Market, Inc.
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"Lauren Lewis is a goddess in the kitchen, creating the most nourishing, balancing, and delicious food I've ever tasted. After having her on numerous yoga + health retreats I have witnessed her ability to both prepare food from local ingredients in an innovative and artful way, as well as take care of the people she is cooking for with so much love and nourishment in every bite.

Lauren is someone who is living her passion and purpose to the fullest. She has most definitely found her gift in the world and has touched the health and the hearts of so many people through her healing foods, her mindful approach to teaching others about food, and most of all, the LOVE she puts into everything she does. Lauren is a beautiful person with a spark for life that you can't miss when you are around her. I would recommend her to anyone who seeks greater health, appreciation for simple natural foods, and nutritional wisdom fit their lifestyle."

~ Sue Van Raes, MS, Nutritionist, Yogini, Author

Natural Foods Personal Chef Specializing in Vegetarian Cuisine and Cooking Instruction