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I am blessed to be able to wake up each morning and look out my window towards the Rocky Mountains, my home, the place where I first became inspired to make cooking my career. I have always been passionate about food, particularly eating it. In the sixth grade my love of animals led to a vegan diet . My mission at the age of 12 became maintaining a vegan lifestyle while discovering how to support my insatiable appetite for new delicious flavors. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder I attended the School of Natural Cookery, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies. I have been so fortunate to build a career out my passion for food and wellness.

I have always loved living in the mountains. Their strong grounding presence and crisp, clean air inspires my cooking. I believe that locally harvested, sustainabley grown produce, as the focal point of our meals, provides us with the most straightforward path to living healthy and vital lives.

We are often barraged with new diet trends, books and medical studies leaving us feeling confused and ultimately detached from the food we consume. This can become dangerous as we lose sight of our own intuition. My approach to dealing with this is to think less and feel more. I believe each of our bodies has the ability to tell us exactly what we need to be well and it is our job to listen, feel, and experiment.

It is my passion as a chef, to help others with this fun process of experimentation. There is nothing more exciting to me than helping someone begin to notice how their physical, emotional, and spiritual states respond by preparing pure, balanced and delicious meals with the intention of well being. Simply by choosing food that properly nourishes our body, we are capable of taking the role of healer from the hands of western medicine and placing it in our own. The sense of empowerment gained by this piece of knowledge is profound.

My purpose is clear when I think of my childhood. I think of the smells of my grandmothers, and mother cooking. I remember following them around the kitchen tasting every morsel I could get my hands on. I remember the love, the laughter and the sense of satisfaction after each meal. The nourishment went far deeper than just my stomach. My wish is simply this: through my work I hope to help rekindle the ritual of gathering around the table in the spirit of family, in the lightness of love and the intent of nourished bodies.

Lauren Gennett Lewis